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About Monty’s Garden

Leo, Monty's Father, reformed Lawyer turned Gardener, set up our herb garden initially as a way to teach his son how plants grow and how to care for them over the course of the year. The herb garden then, somewhat unexpectedly, yielded a lot more herbs than could be used in the normal course of cooking. As such Leo, looking for a way to preserve some of the fantastic flavours started drying the herbs and, thus, Monty's Garden was born.

Our Herbs

We use traditional methods of preserving the flavour and colour of the herbs.  Our drying methods look to improve the flavour of the fresh herbs so that you have the best cooking experience. We prefer to use Jars for our herbs, not just because of the aesthetics but because they are reusable and do not allow for clumps to form when cooking. Our unique designs cannot be found anywhere else, they are made for us by our family and are of the highest quality and workmanship. 


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