Courses From The Preservation Society

The Preservation Society Courses

A great gift for you or someone you love - our Learn to Preserve Classes are great to get hands on - If you're passionate about preserves, curious about chutney, have been meaning to make marmalade or on the hunt for something hot then this is for you.

Our AFTERNOON TEA COURSE with Huw Rowlands will be a delight, Huw will share his brilliant cake making skills for some afternoon delights and Angharad will compliment these with some brilliant preserves - the proceeds from this course go to Velindre Fundraising.

Our STIR UP SUNDAY is a full day, getting you completely Christmas Ready with your own jars of deliciousness fr the festive season.

or how about a Hot Chilli Sauce Course for spice lovers CLICK HERE FOR OUR HOT CHILLI SAUCE COURSE

And if you have always dreamed of running your very own artisan food business, then join Angharad for a day's 121 masterclass.

Angharad is a multi award winning preserver, with bags of enthusiasm and a willingness to share her knowledge and spread the jam love. She has spent time with Christine Ferber, the greatest jam maker in the world and ran preserving courses in Cameroon and her local prison.