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Safe Practice at Work

The government has issued clear advice with regards to social distancing in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Our staff fall under the ‘key workers’ category and business remains open during this time, so we are taking the following measures so that we can best protect both our staff and you, the customers that use our business. 

We have adopted the following practices: 

  • Support social distancing in by requesting a two-meter distance is kept between individuals, including both staff and customers.
  • If you have the staff capacity to do so, try limiting the number of customers entering your shop during busy periods and politely ask that others form a queue outside with two metres between individuals. 
  • Where possible, provide hand sanitiser at the tills and disposable gloves for staff members - change the gloves regularly and do not keep them between shifts. 
  • Ensure staff uniform and clothing is washed daily, at 60°C if the fabric allows and using a suitable antibacterial detergent. If you have the facility to wash and dry clothing on site, this is preferable. 
  • Encourage regular hand washing amongst staff, perhaps setting reminders to do so every 30 minutes and providing hand wash best practice signs above sinks. 
  • Update your cleaning schedule to include regularly sanitising touchpoints in your shop. For example: handles to doors, fridges and freezers, shopping baskets, tongs, tills, telephones etc. 
  • Encourage contactless payment where possible to avoid the handling of cash. 
  • If providing a receipt, turn the card reader towards the customer and ask them to tear the receipt off themselves. 
  • Provide clear signage to explain the above messages and position at keys points around your shop, such as in the entrance and by the tills. Laminate these signs is possible to keep them safe and hygienic and include sanitising them in your cleaning schedule.