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Burundi Masenga -  Fully Washed
Burundi Masenga -  Fully Washed
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Burundi Masenga - Fully Washed

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Have you ever gorged on peaches with a rich, sweet and creamy butterscotch caramel sauce? The first sip of this beautiful washed coffee brought back memories of this childhood favourite for us. It’s sweet and creamy and has a very pleasant but mild acidity - just like stone fruits. It puts us in the mood for summer, warmth and all the delicious fruits, aromas and tastes that come with that. Couldn’t come at a better time – wouldn’t you agree?

Burundi is among the smallest coffee-producing countries in East Africa. It
offers near ideal conditions for coffee cultivation: elevations of 1500 - 2000
masl abundant rainfall & approx. 800,000 families who cultivate an average
of 150-200 coffee trees per farm.

This amazing coffee comes to us from Masenga Hill, one of 5 hills
overlooking Lake Tanganyika. The coffee cherries produced on these hills are
delivered to Migoti Hill washing station run by Zephyrin Banzubaze of Migoti
Coffee Co. & his team. Coffee trees are owned by the community & Migoti
purchase the coffee cherries directly from the farmers who harvest & deliver
them to the station. The farmers receive education & training on how to
prune & properly care for their coffee trees. By working together & following
best farming practices they can increase their yields 5- to 10-fold. In turn
Migoti Coffee Co. is working on implementing a profit share model, paying
price premiums for excellent quality.


100% Arabica, medium-light roast

Origin: BurundiRegion: Masenga Hill, Mutambu Commune,Bujumbura Province
Altitude: 1,700 masl
Producer: Coffee farmers of Masenga Hill
Process: Washed
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Tasting Notes: Peaches ‘N Cream, Butterscotch Sauce, Banana Bread
Recommended for: Brewed coffee, Espresso